Friday, 20 January 2012

Going Macro

After a busy week, I decided to finally enter the world of macrophotography; being inspired by a fellow photographer at, I ordered me a Reverse Ring adapter (and probably extension tubes just to add on it in the future) rather than a dedicated macro lens due to budget issues and the fact it has higher magnification.

My Reverse Ring arrived in the mail while I was at school, so immediately after class, I knew my subject to be droplets on flowers, I went to the nearby flower shop to buy flowers; I think I bought a lot more than I actually needed and it sort of caught a lot of attention (particularly the ladies) so I was all shy on the way home.

Was it worth it? I believe so, the results of my shots will be posted tonight or tomorrow depending on my level of laziness. Were they great shots? For me, being my first time doing macro and using a Reverse Ring where everything is controlled manually, and by the fact that I still don't fully understand the how the droplets act, I wished I could have done better, but it's a learning process.

I give my full respects to all those using this type of macrophotography where you control it manually. It takes a lot of patience, trail and error, and a great eye to spot those worthy enough to use as macrophotography. I give my thanks (and my respect too!) to my fellow Cazillion at, Roy Panaguiton, for inspiring me to do macrophotography with his photos.

(here is his Flickr account:

Shots taken with my IPhone: