Sunday, 15 January 2012

Because I'm Straight Edge

Officially twenty-three, I decided to treat my good buddies from med and my Fil-Am buddies as well. Overall, a wonderful get together with pizza, pizza, cake, and more pizza! I didn't bring my DSLR because I knew I'd be too busy yapping away with friends to even think about taking shots!

Interesting to note my photo above that I've taken just a few minutes ago that the dice was given to me by my buddies for a good laugh because they know that I don't drink alcoholic beverages; I'm straight edge so therefore I don't enjoy beer or the like. And I am not someone that will drink just to look "cool" or be accepted in a group. That I can do without, and for 23 years, it sure seem that I can.

Anyways back to the photo, decided to make an oxymoron type of photo; the empty bottle (that's my Dad's; NOT MINE!) and the dice showing the "No drink" side (I know that the dice/die side that is facing atop is the correct side, but whatever! I want to photograph it this way! LOL).

That's pretty much it!