Thursday, 5 January 2012

And so it begins...

I should probably say "resumes".

So, yeah, classes have resumed and that means, more of me and my bulky books that are three times the size of my puny forearm, and less of me here. I'll try and write once or twice a week, because like my passion when it comes to guitars, Formula One, and cameras, writing is also one of my passion and "get a way from the real world" de-stressor.

Nothing about music, races, or photography in this entry. Just my regular life as of now since school came back to haunt my every night and drag me out of my bed even before I can regain half my strength.

First three days were just great; being able to meet my classmates again and hang out with some of them makes all the pain worth while.

Sure, there were exams on all three days, but what the hay! We made it through, me being bruised here and there, but we made it through nonetheless.

Tomorrow will mark the end of the first school week for 2012, and next week would be my birthday week as January 13th gets closer and closer; wallet will get thinner, but smiles will get wider as I treat my buddies and what not.

Ah well, I'm tired and hella sleepy. Will have to wake up in 4-6 hours just to read so I'll end my lackluster entry here.