Saturday, 21 January 2012

First Attempt at Macro Photography!

Dew Upon the Flower (Macro) by Bright Ideas with Chan Udarbe
Dew Upon the Flower (Macro), a photo by Bright Ideas with Chan Udarbe on Flickr.

As promised, I will now show my results from my first attempt at macro.

It was so difficult to achieve these, and they aren't even as sharp as I hoped they would be.

I shot using my kit lens in reverse making everything from focusing, metering, checking the exposures, etc, done manually.

I also used my flash off shoe to add more light in.

Here are some more:

Dew Upon the Flower (Macro)

Dew Upon the Flower (Macro)


Friday, 20 January 2012

Going Macro

After a busy week, I decided to finally enter the world of macrophotography; being inspired by a fellow photographer at, I ordered me a Reverse Ring adapter (and probably extension tubes just to add on it in the future) rather than a dedicated macro lens due to budget issues and the fact it has higher magnification.

My Reverse Ring arrived in the mail while I was at school, so immediately after class, I knew my subject to be droplets on flowers, I went to the nearby flower shop to buy flowers; I think I bought a lot more than I actually needed and it sort of caught a lot of attention (particularly the ladies) so I was all shy on the way home.

Was it worth it? I believe so, the results of my shots will be posted tonight or tomorrow depending on my level of laziness. Were they great shots? For me, being my first time doing macro and using a Reverse Ring where everything is controlled manually, and by the fact that I still don't fully understand the how the droplets act, I wished I could have done better, but it's a learning process.

I give my full respects to all those using this type of macrophotography where you control it manually. It takes a lot of patience, trail and error, and a great eye to spot those worthy enough to use as macrophotography. I give my thanks (and my respect too!) to my fellow Cazillion at, Roy Panaguiton, for inspiring me to do macrophotography with his photos.

(here is his Flickr account:

Shots taken with my IPhone:


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Because I'm Straight Edge

Officially twenty-three, I decided to treat my good buddies from med and my Fil-Am buddies as well. Overall, a wonderful get together with pizza, pizza, cake, and more pizza! I didn't bring my DSLR because I knew I'd be too busy yapping away with friends to even think about taking shots!

Interesting to note my photo above that I've taken just a few minutes ago that the dice was given to me by my buddies for a good laugh because they know that I don't drink alcoholic beverages; I'm straight edge so therefore I don't enjoy beer or the like. And I am not someone that will drink just to look "cool" or be accepted in a group. That I can do without, and for 23 years, it sure seem that I can.

Anyways back to the photo, decided to make an oxymoron type of photo; the empty bottle (that's my Dad's; NOT MINE!) and the dice showing the "No drink" side (I know that the dice/die side that is facing atop is the correct side, but whatever! I want to photograph it this way! LOL).

That's pretty much it!


Friday, 6 January 2012

22 Years and 51 Weeks Old

Look at that, next week, I'm going to be another year older. All grown up... except the whole grown up, physically.

Got some plans, I guess, for my birthday coming up, like treating my buddies from premed and that of my medicine classmates, and really enjoying that "feast" because of the exams we have to go through next week. I also beg to God, and the beer gods, not to let my friends force me drink alcoholic beverages, since I have never done it before and I don't see myself doing so. I may seem a tad "uncool" for not drinking, but so long as my liver stays healthy and having cirrhosis beyond arm's length, I am happy even if I am an "uncool" guy that will live longer than the cool guys that drink alcoholic beverages religiously.

I don't normally receive gifts from my family or friends during birthdays; I don't mind that since I stopped receiving "proper" Christmas and birthday gifts since I turned 11 (I say "proper" because I do receive gifts in a way but not under the criteria to be properly called a Christmas or birthday gift.). Most Christmas gifts or birthday gifts are from myself or indirectly from my family by way of cold hard cash to be spent on something I really like. This year, a week early from my birthday, a good friend of mine got me a gift... first time that a friend gave me a gift, and apart from that, she decided not to give me the money, but instead, got me exactly what I wanted!

I received Nik Software's Complete Collection!! 

She got this by way of Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) and I am just too happy to have these. Knowing that I use Adobe Lightroom 3 85-90% or my edits and supplementing the remaining percentage with Adobe Photoshop CS5, this Nik Software, in my case, will be used as plugins for both Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5 to further beef them up.

I am using UFRaw and GIMP 2.0 for the little, and annoying stuff such as White Balance correction that Lightroom and Photoshop can't do; they do have White Balance, of course, but the Temperature especially for Infrared RAW files don't seem to be right in Lightroom and Photoshop.

But now having "booster shots" for both my beloved Adobe products, I don't see the need to force myself to switch from GIMP, to PS, to LR. Since we know that Lightroom and Photoshop complement eachother, its easy to have a workflow just by switching between those 2 programs.

Wow, I said so much.

To wrap things up, I thank my lucky stars to have a friend like her (who shall remain unnamed for privacy purposes), and as my first gift from a friend since I turned 11 and under the criteria to be called a birthday gift, I am overwhelmed with happiness that it's a gift such as Nik Software's Complete Collection.



For more info on Nik Software, follow this link:

Thursday, 5 January 2012

And so it begins...

I should probably say "resumes".

So, yeah, classes have resumed and that means, more of me and my bulky books that are three times the size of my puny forearm, and less of me here. I'll try and write once or twice a week, because like my passion when it comes to guitars, Formula One, and cameras, writing is also one of my passion and "get a way from the real world" de-stressor.

Nothing about music, races, or photography in this entry. Just my regular life as of now since school came back to haunt my every night and drag me out of my bed even before I can regain half my strength.

First three days were just great; being able to meet my classmates again and hang out with some of them makes all the pain worth while.

Sure, there were exams on all three days, but what the hay! We made it through, me being bruised here and there, but we made it through nonetheless.

Tomorrow will mark the end of the first school week for 2012, and next week would be my birthday week as January 13th gets closer and closer; wallet will get thinner, but smiles will get wider as I treat my buddies and what not.

Ah well, I'm tired and hella sleepy. Will have to wake up in 4-6 hours just to read so I'll end my lackluster entry here.