Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Welcome Back Iceman!!

After weeks of speculation whether he would sign for Williams F1 and return to the pinnacle of open wheel single seaters, Kimi, and surprisingly, Lotus Renault, having signed with them instead, broke their silence in a couple of their tweets.

I am a big Kimi fan especially when he had to replace, my all time favorite, Michael Schumacher in Ferrari; indeed Michael was a great asset to Ferrari, but Kimi brought "fashion" to Ferrari, with the hair and the flat brim caps, amazing designer helmets, and whatnot! And also gave them a thrilling Driver's Title back in '07.

Late into the 2009 where Ferrari made the announcement that Fernando Alonso (whom I used to hate with burning passion, is now another favorite of mine. Call it the Ferrari curse or something), I felt immensely saddened, even more so than when Michael announced his first retirement from the sport. 

Being back, I wish him more success than Michael's lackluster comeback. I don't expect him or Lotus Renault to fight for either championships against the big teams, but I do believe we will witness great performances race in and race out.

Six World Champions in the grid for next season is going to be a blast! And I can't wait for it to begin even amidst the current season just ending last weekend in Brazil.

Check this video out of the Iceman!

Behind Those "Shower" Curtains...

Behind Those Shower Curtains... by Chan's Bright Ideas
Behind Those Shower Curtains..., a photo by Chan's Bright Ideas on Flickr.

These shots were taken way back November 12, 2011, at Marquee Mall. Hanging out with my good buddy, Brian, I thought of taking some interesting shots...

It took nearly the whole day for me to hunt anything and everything to make a photo of. Not wanting to leave empty handed, I went for the "Cliche"... take a shot of the water fountains at night. I think it turned out well, considering I forgot my tripod so I am unable to take longer shutter speed shots.

This kid's shot would've been great if I had a longer exposure and a tripod... but oh well, take it and learn from it as they say.

Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody...


Monday, 28 November 2011

Wing Guardian Leviosa

Surely, not a new concept, but also, surely, not been done as much in public because of obvious reasons...

Settings-wise, fast shutter speeds come to no surprise, but the real difficulty is mustering the courage to do this in public and wearing the proper attire to make this work and have the illusion of levitation.

I just love these guys from DigitalRevTV; they crack me up with their antics...

Will do this one day... with a mask on =p

Try and look for their attempts at painting Nikon DSLR's (the D90 and D7000) pink! Its very entertaining and quite tempting do especially when that day comes that I will have to upgrade my D5000 to the next gen body.


YES, I stepped on poop earlier this day; nearly ruined my whole day. Well, this entry isn't about all the nutritious benefits of stepping on poop can do to your kicks. No not at all, in fact, this post has... a deeper value.

Well, not really.

Having just got back from ONA (Ospital Ning Angeles), most likely the last group of medical students to have left the scene, fresh from the showers, and waiting for dinner, I thought of writing down my experience in ONA to kill the time.

Today, my group and I were tasked to report our patients' histories, and knowing that this is our first time interviewing a real patient, mistakes must be made... WOW! In my case, I made a lot of errors that were, in a way, common sense questions that should've been asked. YES, we were grilled, and that's saying just the least, BUT, we did learn a lot today. And that is what's it all about, right? We weren't presenting to awe our preceptor today, its about our preceptor telling us how to BECOME BETTER "historians". Albeit getting grilled and all, we definitely got we were after... to learn.

My groups' patients were somehow the epitome of what Dr. House would always say, "everybody lies". They would either twist their stories in our expense; they'd lie about the frequency they take their prescribed medications; even say that "okay lang po ako" when you can clearly see something wrong with them. Human nature? I don't know... but everybody does lie.

Another notable event today was when our preceptor gave us the opportunity to listen to one of his patient's heart sounds as he was suffering from heart failure; I can't say that i can readily tell the difference between normal heart sounds and that of an abnormal one... LOL

Time for me to eat dinner since it's finally ready and then hit the books later (sobs pharmacology).


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Set This Soul Alight 2

Set This Soul Alight by Chan's Bright Ideas

As I mentioned last post, the next post would be about the rest of my shots of candles and this glass plant thingy...

How did I decide to take shots of candles? Well, in all honesty, I wanted to take a special self portrait at first to commemorate my 100th photo post in my other site... I got a tad bit lazy to fix myself, or at the very least, try to be "socially aesthetic", but whatever.

Since I got lazy and was hungry to take some shots, I saw my tea candles (yes, I am a guy and I have tea candles in my room... what about it?) and since my last attempt of shooting a tea candle was subpar, or lackluster, I thought of trying it again.

After 50 or so shots, trying different angles, different positioning of the candles, getting hot wax here and there; I chose 6 of the photos I've taken. (All of which, including the photo from my last post will be placed at the bottom of the post)

I can't say I am all that happy with all these shots, and who would be after getting hot wax all over yourself? But having a good feedback from the sites I've posted these, I can say, it was worth the pain, albeit, not really quite happy with the results of the photos even after post processing.

But there is never such thing as a bad photo, right? Okay, maybe there is such a thing, but you learn from them nonetheless... This is but a stepping stone towards me improving every aspect of my skills in photography.

Here are the rest of the shots... Click on the photos to view them larger and see the settings I used in taking them.

Set This Soul Alight

Set This Soul Alight

Set This Soul Alight

Set This Soul Alight

Set This Soul Alight


Set This Soul Alight 1

Nikon D5000
Sigma 30mm f/1.4
Manual Mode
1/4th @ f/2.8
ISO 100
Flash Not Fired

Was bored and wanted to make some interesting self portraits, but instead I played around with fire... by way of candles of course.

I have a lot more shots I've taken, but for now I'll leave this as is. Kinda lazy to upload the other shots of candles, plus, I am just really testing my linking of this blog with my other sites LOL

By the next post, I would be able to include all the other photos of the candles I've taken...


Friday, 25 November 2011

My Nth Blog Site!

As the title implies, this is like my bombazillionth blog site! Not that I always would want to have a fresh start in blogging to coincide with every “phase” of my life, it’s simply that I forget my passwords for my site, and that of my emails that I use for the sole purpose of blogging – how did I forget? Well, been very busy as of late, and so, I don’t update my blog as much I would have wanted to T.T here’s hoping that would change!

So, that’s it for now, must prep for my dental appointment.

Peace and Love!