Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Watching Beck (not the musician) for the Nth Time

Another December is upon me, feel like watching some good old anime faves of mine... Might as well be about bands...

I could remember it was my freshmen year at B.S. Biology in AUF where my best friend (even to this day, but time and logistics seem to make us part ways and haven't even had one measly cup of coffee to catch up) Cat, lent me her DVDs of an anime about a band and how they struggle with themselves and their own personal problems outside the band. Oh, by the way, I never did return those DVDs and I believe I lost them. LOL Sorry, Cat.

Heading back to the anime, its Beck: Mongolian Chopsquad; Immediately, I got hooked (even more so later on with the manga) with this anime and their characters. I love watching (or reading about) Koyuki's humble beginnings learning the guitar and ultimately becoming God-like. Reminds me so much of my high school days and how I learned the guitar (mostly self taught) but sadly, isn't as good as the guitarist. T.T

When I first saw Lucille (Its a Gibson Les Paul, ironically named after B.B. King's guitar... supposedly), I had already owned an Gibson type Epiphone SG and swore to have that as my main guitar and not get a Les Paul, but after seeing that bullet riddled Les Paul, I said to myself, "I gotta have it". (sure it took 5 years for me to get my own Gibson Les Paul, but yeah, whatever)

I guess, to those who have actually watched this anime, they would agree, the strongest points here would be the songs. Of course, the limitation of making a manga about a band/music, would be, well, the lack of music. Here in the anime, its numerous and diverse, then again, mostly in the rock side (I ain't complaining. I love rock). From the Rage Against the Machine-esque "Brainstorm"; the rock ballad "Slip Out"; to the immensely haunting and romantic "Moon on Water". A heckuva lot of songs to give this anime a unique emotion.

Of course, there's the story too. Like I said, its about a band; formation of a band, maintaining that band, interactions between bandmates, each band members' own personal troubles, and some romance here and there. From there humble beginnings to hinting there worldwide stardom. In the manga though, its a lot more detailed.

Everytime I watch this, I remember all those bands I've been in, bands that I've made, bands that I've left, etc. It reminds me of those struggles to find the "right" member to fit the bands "chemistry". To this day, I have been eluded the right bandmates...
Each time I watch this, I look at my guitar cases, open them up, and clean all my guitars. This anime, to me at least, is immensely inspiring. It brings out the "musician" in me time and time again. All those times I yap about photography overshadowed my first true passion... and that's music.

This Christmas break, like all other Christmas breaks I spent watching Beck, I'll polish on my skills and probably look for another band to play in.

But for now, since I need to get some much needed sleep (just finished some prelim exams this morning) and I'll leave you with a Beat Crusader's Moon on Water which was used in the anime...