Saturday, 24 December 2011

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Not in the sense that it's snowing, far from it, it's just strangely cloudy; strange because this time of the year it shouldn't have signs of rain. It sorta, but not really (did that make sense?), made the weather much cooler...

My family's plan for Christmas, much like every year, just have a simple gathering amongst ourselves; hardly have any guest because they spend their Christmas with their respective families, and apart from that, we can hardly invite anyone as we grow older and much more busier - it's surprising that we can still gather together (minus my eldest sister Maggie because she is in the States... Hope she was here) in spite of being busy in our own things. The only time we really have guests is post-Christmas and pre-New Year's.

But just a few days ago, my grandfather and grandmother (both from Mom's side of the family) had to have an emergency visit to AUFMC; my grandfather has cancer and has to be tube fed, but something kinda went wrong in the days he was tube fed so he had to visit AUFMC - both my grandparents live in Pangasinan. Thankfully he is alright right now and both my grandparents are spending Christmas with us this year.

May seem bittersweet that it was my grandfather's ailment that made them spend it with us... but I'm glad that he is okay again and will welcome Christmas. Wonder if they'd join us for the New Year? Wishful thinking that they wouldn't go back to Pangasinan after Christmas.

As I'm blogging, my Dad is at the back lighting up the BBQ; Mom cooking in the kitchen; Debbie doing last minute decoration; and both my grandparents watching TV. I'll be joining one of those people to either help, annoy, or take photos (official photographer tonight!).

Where am I going with this entry? Well, you have to just look at the bright side of things; that is, even if my grandfather had to go here because of his ailment, in the end, he and my grandmother will be able to spend Christmas with us. Something that we would all love - spending Christmas with the people you love and treasure the most (again, I wish my eldest sister were here as well to spend it with us).

Merry Christmas y'all!

Some Christmas inspired off-shoe flash photos:

Red and Gold Christmas Tree

Red and Gold Christmas Tree