Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My (humble) Attempt at IR Photography

Having received my IR filter just this afternoon, I was compelled to try it out even with the lack of knowledge on the right settings, but like a child with a brand new toy, I had a go at IR nonetheless.

Still, I wouldn't want to be all technical on how this filter works (maybe next time... then again, just Google it like I did LOL) but I will say what settings I used and stuff...

The area I took these shots were just on my front lawn... just imagine how limited I am in terms of subjects and creativity. So, these photos won't win you over just like that; I'll be better at this LOL and I will win you over.

Of course, I used a Nikon D5000 (that's all I have anyway LOL) and used a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 which is on my Nikon body 80% of the time. With IR, since you block most of the visible light, you're gonna have to compensate with a slower shutter speed, so going hand held on this one is a no-no. I used my cheap-o tripod (praying every few seconds that it won't tumble to my Nikon's demise). Since the D5000 is doesn't go beyond 30seconds (IIRC), I chose TIME (or BULB) and used my, so aptly named, IR remote, to trigger it; this is also great to minimize the shakes.

These two shots were taken with my IPhone:

Since I purchased a 77mm IR filter, I used a step up ring (62mm-77mm) as my plan in the future is to purchase filters on the 77mm size to accommodate my future Sigma 70-200mm; that way I save money on filters.

These next two shots are the unprocessed photos shot at around 2mins and f/8:

I will admit, my first few shots were pitch black because I forgot to compensate for the minimum light reaching the sensor; fear quickly covered my very existence, because there were some talks that the D5000, even with an IR filter, won't produce desirable photos. I thought I wasted my money! Thankfully I realized before I broke down in tears.

After post processing these two IR photos (I took a lot more, but they were the only good one sadly) I learned it was waaaaay more difficult that I anticipated; Ironically, I thought shooting with the filter would be much more difficult, whereas editing them with be a breeze... it was just vice versa!

Anyways, here are the results; I will have to hone my skills on this genre of photography, but not too shabby for my first time, right?

12-20-2011 Frontyard IR-2

12-20-2011 Frontyard IR-1

Will have another crack at this tomorrow hopefully. And hopefully in a park this time.