Friday, 30 December 2011

Infrared Photography and Made Some Friends

Just this afternoon, me and my great buddy, Brian, decided to head to the mall to take some photos of the stuffed animals and make a gag about it later on, but before that, I asked him to accompany me at the park just before the mall to have another try at IR photography. Which was a good call since the stuffed animals that we were to make a mockery of (don't sue us PETA!) weren't there anymore. If anyone is curious as to what we were trying to do with the stuff animal photos, here is the gist...

So, there we were, at the park before the mall. I set up my trusty, cheap-o, tripod, and made a simple composition, but for the life of me!! It was cloudy as cloudy can be (shortly after, it rained when we reached the mall) and so all the cool cloud effects I wanted to to do with IR was out the window. To make matters worst, as I'm battling with Mother Nature as it might rain with my equipment out in the open, some street kids were so curious and decided to watch me. At times, go in front of the darn camera.

Not knowing the dialect just yet, I used the universal language of gestures, and to keep them at bay, I promised them a few shots.

Here's just one of them:

The Kids are Cool

So you just don't know the circumstances that would arise out in the field shooting. You may target one genre, as in my case, IR, and having another to add to the diversity, in this case, street portraits.

Having taken an IR shot at the park in spite of unforgiving weather conditions; made friends with the street kids and practiced my interaction, albeit, using gestures and a load of smiles (my favorite photographer, Chase Jarvis, is a master at handling his models and complete strangers); and having a blast with my good buddy, even though he didn't get the shot he wanted. What more can I ask for from this unpredictable, yet, fun day!?

Before I end this entry, I wasn't at all satisfied with my over manipulation of my IR shot above, so I decided to go for the regular channel swapping. And here's the toned down version:

When the Sun Sets (IR)