Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Welcome Back Iceman!!

After weeks of speculation whether he would sign for Williams F1 and return to the pinnacle of open wheel single seaters, Kimi, and surprisingly, Lotus Renault, having signed with them instead, broke their silence in a couple of their tweets.

I am a big Kimi fan especially when he had to replace, my all time favorite, Michael Schumacher in Ferrari; indeed Michael was a great asset to Ferrari, but Kimi brought "fashion" to Ferrari, with the hair and the flat brim caps, amazing designer helmets, and whatnot! And also gave them a thrilling Driver's Title back in '07.

Late into the 2009 where Ferrari made the announcement that Fernando Alonso (whom I used to hate with burning passion, is now another favorite of mine. Call it the Ferrari curse or something), I felt immensely saddened, even more so than when Michael announced his first retirement from the sport. 

Being back, I wish him more success than Michael's lackluster comeback. I don't expect him or Lotus Renault to fight for either championships against the big teams, but I do believe we will witness great performances race in and race out.

Six World Champions in the grid for next season is going to be a blast! And I can't wait for it to begin even amidst the current season just ending last weekend in Brazil.

Check this video out of the Iceman!